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Dr Sheng Fan

Data Scientist & Material Scientist

  • Writer's pictureshengfangeology

Public Talk at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds (18 Oct. 2022)

In this talk, I introduced our recent and ongoing studies on microstructures that govern the acceleration of polar ice flow. Our studies emphasize the importance of incorporating microstructural statistics, such as grain size and crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO) in the ice-sheet dynamic models.


After-talk correction

I made a mistake while introducing the equation that we use to calculate grain boundary sphericity.

The wrong version, which was given in the talk, is:

Sphericity = P (perimeter) / A (grain area) * R (grain area-equivalent radius)

The correct version, which is presented in our paper, is:

Sphericity = A (grain area) / P (perimeter) * R (grain area-equivalent radius)

The correct version is grain size insensitive, it is physically meaningful, and shouldn't introduce bias in the results.

The slides have been corrected accordingly.

I would like to apologize for this mistake.


The slides are downloadable via the following link. Note, unpublished works, which were given in the talk, were removed from the public version of the slides. The slides are subject to copyright; they are designed only for scientific communication, and they should not be distributed for commercial use.

Download PDF • 9.99MB


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